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Family Law and Divorce in Texas


Many times situations arise in life that lead to the divorce process. I doubt anybody truly wants a divorce although often times we as humans simply reach a point that we can no longer keep going down the same path. Divorces are painful often complicated areas of the law. It is important that you feel comfortable with your divorce lawyer. You will make some tough decisions through the divorce process and you need to feel like your attorney will work hard for you. I often hear other lawyers tell clients "I have your best interests in mind" or something similar. I'm not really sure what that means. As a divorce lawyer I am hear to try and get you what you want. My job, my only job is to fight for you. I'm your advocate, your fighter. If you want to get the divorce over quickly that is what I am here to try and help you do. If you want alimony or more property then that is my job. Life is not fair, divorces are not fair and it is my job to help my client to the best of my ability. I have handled divorces as an attorney in Lubbock, Texas and throughout the state for many years.

Post Divorce Disputes

Is it really ever over? Often times when people get a divorce that is not the last time they will argue over the issues "decided" by the divorce decree. It is fairly common that one party will not complete requirements of the agreement. Sometimes people don't pay the bills they are ordered to pay. Sometimes people do not transfer the property they are ordered to transfer. Believe it or not sometimes one party is not honest during the divorce and does something like hiding assets. Numerous issues may need to be enforced or litigated in a post divorce dispute.

No-Fault Divorce

Texas is a No-Fault state when it comes to divorce. What that means is basically nobody has to prove the other person did something wrong to get a divorce. There are fault based reasons that still exist in Texas such as adultery or physical abuse and if these apply they may benefit a person in a property or child custody dispute. 

Divorce Planning

It sounds strange, but it makes sense. Although many couples separate today long before they file for divorce, they may reside together when the decision is made, and they may need to plan before one spouse has the resources to set up separate housekeeping, which could nearly double living expenses. This need is even more important when children are involved, as the one parent's new residence could affect the school district the children attend (or force the parents to incur tuition), carpools, daycare, and medical care needs of the children. This type of planning with your family law attorney is a key element of divorce strategy, and possibly a safety issue in certain divorces.

Community Property

You may have certain rights to any property (personal and/or real) that was acquired during a marriage, but the facts of how the property came into the marriage determine the exact extent of your rights. A consultation with an attorney is necessary to discuss these rights. Contested property in a divorce can make the divorce more expensive. This is one of the most important topics in any divorce where the parties own a home, stocks or securities, have retirement accounts, and/or many motor vehicles. Debts are also community property.

Child Custody

*Child Custody* The most important issue in any divorce involving children is the care, custody, and control of those children after the divorce is over, and what type of contact the children will have with the parent with whom the children do not primarily reside. Child custody , if disputed between parents, is possibly the most difficult issues in many divorces. Child support is almost always owed by the person who does not have primary conservatorship to the person that does have primary conservatorship, but there are exceptions.

Family Law and Divorce in Texas

Family law matters are the most personal legal matters that are likely to occur in your life. They involve and affect your household and your children. Family law cases are likely to have the most profound effect on your future of any legal proceedings. It is my goal to determine your goals and then try and develop a game plan that will give us the ability to accomplish your goals.

Divorce Attorney

When you consider filing for a divorce, one of the most important decisions you make will be the selection of a divorce attorney. I always suggest that potential clients interview several attorneys. You need to be comfortable with the style of your attorney.

Uncontested with Property Division

Many divorces can be handled without extended delays and long trials. Negotiating is an important step in attempting to obtain a beneficial settlement. Attorney Tray Payne believes that an agreed settlement is the best solution for many clients, although the strategy in each divorce case depends on the facts and the client's needs.

Contested with Child Custody Issues

In any divorce, the most complex issue is usually child custody. Each parent may have different goals and desires for their children, and this is one of the largest potential conflict areas in any family law case. The parent who has primary conservatorship has the most decision making power regarding the children, and for this reason child custody is often contested. Non-lawyers often refer to this process as a custody "battle," because of the intensity of the emotions involved. Family law attorneys understand that this is a key element of any divorce, and may affect your relationship with your child for years to come. Anyone who has had a spouse file for primary custody/conservatorship of a child needs a family law attorney to help them with this issue.

Lubbock, Texas Divorce Lawyer

The Law Offices of Payne, Powell & Truitt Law Group offers his staffs services in the State Of Texas, including all areas surrounding the city of Lubbock, Texas. Circumstances may be that a person has little choice but to hire a divorce attorney. Consultation with a Lubbock Divorce Attorney can help you decide your options and guide you through the divorce process. Call for a consultation Today at 806-368-8712.

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